Frank Charlton

The home page of software test engineer / record producer Frank Charlton.

Jira / Confluence - My bread and butter. Issue tracking and project management with powerful searching capabilities.
Interana - Beautifully displayed analytics.
Fabric - Autoreporting of crashes with great filtering options, a beautiful interface, and some built-in auto triaging.
Jenkins - Continuous integration build server.
Sublime Text - A great themable text editor with the ability to search entire folder structures for strings.
PRTG Network Monitor - Finally a dead simple (and FREE) network monitor. 
Beyond Compare - Diffing tool that I find super helpful especially during localization testing.
Nexus Root Toolkit - Easy rooting, flashing, unlocking and unrooting of the entire Nexus family from Windows.
Notepad++ - Another solid text editor for Windows with built in coding schemes.
AccessAgility WiFi Scanner - A solid WiFi scanner for Mac with some nice graphing capabilities.
Scany - A great set of networking tools for iOS.
Gage - A speed test tool that's helpful for testing performance of servers.
Google Chrome & Dropbox - My professional AND personal life would be a mess without these two.
Focus Keeper - An adjustable Pomodoro Technique style timer for iOS for helping to focus.

Chrome Extensions:
Chrome Remote Desktop - This makes my life so much easier. Wherever I am I have access to all my computers, even from my iPhone.
Awesome Screenshot - Love using this for full page scrolling screenshots with annotations.
XV XML Viewer - A beautiful XML viewer with lots of tweaks you can make.
Bookmark Favicon Changer - Why cloud up your Bookmarks bar with words when you could just be using custom icons?
ColorPick Eyedropper - Dead simple color eye dropper for determining web colors.

Alan Page (Angry Weasel)
Dan Ashby
Quality Testing
James Bach
Maaret Pyhäjärvi 

Good Books:
Microinteractions: Designing With Details
Overworked and Overwealmed: The Mindfulness Alternative